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I am so pleased to be a featured author in the latest 2013 edition of this bestselling book on Educational Leadership from Jossey-Bass (Wiley & Sons). 

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Gen Y at Work






The path to finding professional meaning is changing. How we define, measure and pursue meaning in our careers as well as our personal lives is being completely redefined.  In 2014, as we move at warp speed deeper into a world where connection, transparency and immediacy are considered business commodities, the road to professional meaning has taken a sharp turn in a brand new direction.

My latest research on the transformative cultural impact of connection, transparency and immediacy builds on my past work about the power of inclusion in business leadership while taking me in an entirely new and exciting direction.  As you discover a little bit more about my work as an educator, author, and speaker, I hope I can spark some new ideas for you about how you can create greater value for yourself in today's transforming workplace.

I believe you will find that my work comfortably resides at the intersection of communication, culture, and careers.  Stay in touch and stay connected!